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Walking a Marathon for Kadie and her family

Updated: May 10, 2021

Volunteer and Fundraiser Harriet is set to walk a Marathon on the 15th May with her friend Bec to help support Swamp Farmer Kadie Senesie and her family.

Meet Kadie Senesie, a Swamp Farmer from Lungi, Sierra Leone.

Kadie is a mother to 4 girls and 2 boys and takes care of all 6 them as a single, working mother.

Kadie is always entertaining others with her comic, upbeat approach to life and musical talents. She is the musician of the village and has a wicked sense of humour, in spite of the difficulties her and her community have faced since the Ebola crisis.

Catch The Dream, has been supporting the farming community of Lungi village since 2017 and it's down to our fantastic volunteers like Harriet & Bec that we're able to help farming families like Kadie's. Every penny raised will be going back into sustainable farming in Lungi including Swamp Revitalisation which will have a positive impact families like Kadie's to help them become sustainable.

As a swamp farmer, Kadie feels she has been empowered by Catch the Dream, she had lost all hope since Ebola but recently told our representative:

"I am grateful to CTD for making me believe in my dream! I am learning advanced skills in farming. CTD had given me tools and training - I am working towards my goal of being able to care for my family, enabling them to go to school and starting to produce my own food”.

Please help us to support Kadie and family as well as the wider farming community of Lungi by donating to Harriet's fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me

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