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The small farming village of Lungi, near Bo in Sierra Leone was devastated by the Ebola Crisis. After facing multiple quarantines to contain the outbreak, villagers were unable to reach their farmland, which quickly became overgrown destroying their livelihoods. The people of Lungi became dependent on food aid as they were unable to farm their land.

Catch the Dream has been working in partnership with the villagers since May 2017 to re-establish their farming livelihoods. With the help of seeds, tools and support the villagers have successfully harvested their first crop for three years. They have grown maize, rice, cassava, vegetables and more, and are now re-introducing livestock and preparing for future harvests.



First Aid Triage Training.jpg

First aid triage

A nurse from Kenema came into the village to train a group of men and women on first aid. Your donations help to keep the first aid equipment and hygiene products stocked

Garri Machine in the Open.jpg

Garri shelter

During the rainy season its very difficult to use the Garri machine. This year we are working on building a shelter so that the community can use the machine all year.

Click here to see how to make Garri



Nov 2020 - Apr 2022

Toilet stalls and septic tank completed

Gari Machine Getting Ready To Be Used .H

July 2020

Garri Machine arrives in Lungi

Palm Oil Machine Arrives.jpg

June 2021

Palm oil machine arrives

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