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Catch The Dream is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on the ongoing generosity of our donors to support community, agricultural and personal development in Lungi Village, Sierra Leone to enable the local residents become economically and agriculturally independent.

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Every last penny dontated to Catch The Dream goes directly into our projects to support rural communities in West Africa become sustainably independent. Here's an example of how your donation can help rural farming communities:

£5 p/m

£10 p/m


Can replenish essential tools for the farming community of Lungi to help the farmers in their phased planting, for example:

    £5 = 1 spade or

1 mosquito net

£3 = 1 cutlass

   £2 - £5 = 1 hoe

*Prices are estimates from the exchange rate at time of publishing

Can help with ongoing developments for the Lungi community, including medical supplies and training. The community now have designated Health Officers to help designate medical supplies and relay the communities needs to our Project Co-ordinator Joseph.

Can feed a family of 5 for a month during lean months before crops are ready to harvest. We continue to work with Lungi to develop farming practices and work towards a day where their harvests, and profits from said harvests can sustain the village.

We would like to say a special thank you to our regular monthly donors, whose continued support enables us to:

  • Secure grain supplies for the village of Lungi by implementing a new secure door on the grain supply building to help keep out animals and thieves.

  • Replenish agricultural tools. These tools are owned by Catch The Dream, stored in Lungi village and loaned out to the farmers of Lungi whenever needed.

  • Top up essential seed supplies and food during lean months as the Lungi community work towards agricultural independence.

  • Purchase tarpaulins for the village in order for them to dry seeds and crops brought in from the fields.

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