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Introducing the Farm Workers Committee

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

We're very pleased to announce that Joseph- our SL based volunteer- has been working very closely with the villagers of Lungi to form a Farm Workers Committee. This diverse group of people from the village have been instrumental in the decision making during the Covid-19 pandemic!

Front row, left to right: Munda Saidu (Chairman), Hawa Koroma (Vice Chairlady), Ibrahim Sheiku (Secretary General), Koroma Moiluna (Logistics Officer 1), Abdul Moininah (Logistics Officer 2).

Back row, left to right: Eric Smart (Focal person), Bobor Dauda (Adviser), Hassanatu Koroma (Logistics Officer 3), Martha Dauda (Logistics Officer 4), Baindu Smart (Public Relations Officer 1), Musu Sheiku (Treasurer) and Lahai Moiluna (Public Relations Officer 2).

What have they been doing?

The committee have been making key decisions regarding the buying of seeds, tools and equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic and we're pleased to report the villagers have been able to make progress with their farming during this very difficult time.

A thanks to our supporters

Thank you to our supporters, donors and volunteers for making the work we do possible. Your donations and time are needed now, more than ever! To get involved, visit our Donate page.

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