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Support James, who is participating in 2 ultra trail marathons, the first is 50k in Zakreet and the second is the "90k Qatar east to west ultra run" which spans the width of Qatar from the East to the West coast, crossing the Qatari desert.

Please follow the link to follow the full story and show your support!

Thank you to all the incredible individuals who made our Dreams Come True evening truly magical! Your presence and contributions created a ripple of positivity that will echo through the rural communities of Sierra Leone. Together, we wove an inspiring tapestry of collective action, sharing stories of transformation and celebrating the impactful journey we're on.

A heartfelt appreciation to each one of you for taking the time to learn about our projects, connect, and contribute to the mission of empowering communities and fostering sustainable change. Your support is the real driving force behind our efforts, and we are genuinely grateful. Let's carry the spirit of hope and collaboration forward, knowing that, together, we're making dreams come true. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with Catch the Dream.

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Handing Pantyliner

Sew for Sanitary

Join our community of sewers, helping the women of Lungi village by making sanitary underwear ready for our team to deliver on every trip made to Lungi.

To get involved in this ongoing project, send us a direct message on Facebook or email us:

Masks for Lungi

Join Harriet and Beth to help make reusable masks to take to the Village of Lungi, SL in October 2020! Harriet has been following the community since she visited them in February 2020 and is excited to be visiting again with many-a-mask in tow later this year.

To get involved, head to our Facebook page, send us a direct message or email us:

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