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100% of the money you raise for Catch The Dream directly supports the people of Lungi, Sierra Leone through our sustainable agricultural developments- replenishing essential tool supplies and facilitating training; delivering vital medical equipment and providing the community with the tools they need to work towards sustainability and self-sufficiency.

We aim to expand our support to other rural farming communities in West Africa in the near future. If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to host a collection, please get in touch via our contact page.


We're so grateful to our incredible fundraisers! Take a look through some past fundraising events and please reach out to us if you have any ideas or plans for future fundraising for Catch The Dream. Such as:

  • Collection or raffles at work

  • Hosting a Virtual Quiz Night

  • Sponsored run, climb, swim or walk

  • Birthday fundraiser

    The support you can lend to Catch The Dream is invaluable for the residents of Lungi Village.

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Bec & Harriet's May Marathon

After the success of Harriet's birthday fundraiser last year, her and Bec are set to take part in the "Walking a Marathon" challenge to help raise vital funds for the community of Lungi. Harriet has become one of our lead volunteers and fundraisers and has visited Sierre Leone twice in the past year and fell in love with the community of Lungi.

The funds raised by Harriet and Bec will help support Lungi swamp farmer Kadie Senesie and her family as part of the wider Swamp Revitalisations Catch The Dream are supporting the farmers of Lungi with. You can read all about Kadie's story here and find out more information on our Swamp and Sustainable Farming projects here. 

Harriet's Birthday Fundraiser 2020

A big thank you to Harriet, who generously set up a Birthday Fundraiser for Catch The Dream. Instead of receiving gifts or spending money, Harriet requested that her family and friends gift her funds which she then donated to Catch The Dream. Harriet and her loved ones helped raise over £400 for Lungi Village. This selfless act has not gone unnoticed and we're so grateful for Harriet's continued support, with her joining the Catch The Dream team on their latest trip to Lungi Village in October 2020.

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James' Ultra Run, December 2020

We've been blown away by the support given to James and Catch The Dream! On December 11th 2020, James completed the 90km ‘Qatar East-to-West Ultra Run', covering the width of Qatar in an incredible 12 hours and 19 minutes. James set out to fundraise £2000 for Catch The Dream and we're thrilled to announce he smashed this target, with donations totalling £3200.

The funds raised by James have already been put to great use in Lungi Village, covering the cost of a motorbike for our lead volunteer Joseph to visit Lungi and coordinate support; topping up key medical supplies including treatment for Malaria and Typhoid, purchasing new mosquito nets and arranging agricultural training for the farmers of Lungi.

Having visited Sierra Leone with the founders of Catch The Dream back when he was a student, James went on to return to Sierre Leone a number of times and even sponsored a young man through Universtity. Needless to say, James is a true Catch The Dream hero and we're so grateful for his support and dedication to improving the lives of rural communities in Sierre Leone!

Louis' Snowdon Trek

Louis organised a trek to the summit of Mt Snowdon to help raise vital funds for Catch The Dream to get important medical supplies to the village of Lungi, Sierra Leone. Louis and co succesfully climbed to the summit and thoroughly enjoyed their time out in nature whilst doing good for the community of Lungi Village. Louis then joined us on our 2019 trip to Sierra Leone to see the result of his fundraising first hand.


Thank you Louis! Keep up the great work!

Louis Raises Money For Lungi Village Med

If you would like to get involved with fundraising and support Catch The Dream with their sustainable work with Lungi Village, please contact us

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