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Catch the Dream is a not-for-profit organisation and any donations will be used to directly support the people of Lungi Village and other rural communities in West Africa in future. We would be incredibly grateful to receive any donations or support you can offer.

Shop online to support Lungi


Did you know you can help Catch The Dream just by shopping online with participating retailers? Join easyfundraising today for free and help support the community of Lungi Village


Thanks to our donors

We'd like to say a special 'thank-you' to all of our regular donors and supporters. Your generosity and continued support is the lifeline of Catch The Dream.

To keep up to date with the continued development and successes of the Catch The Dream Lungi Village Project, please reach out to us, visit our Blog or sign up to our newsletters.

You can also find out more on how your donations have helped the Village of Lungi so far by visiting our donate page.

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