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Lungi Women’s Community Project

A One day Women’s empowerment Business training Workshop was held with the Lungi Village Women’s Community Empowerment Group on Saturday 10th November, 2018 at their community Barray.

The Workshop was facilitated by Abie (Fiona’s daughter), a third year IPAM College Student pursuing her first degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Management. She delivered her lecture in Krio and Joseph (Fiona’s Son) interpreted to the participants in the Mende language of the people. About thirty eight women participants including Pa Smart -the Town Chief and Mr Smart- the Town Secretary were in attendance.

The Aim of the Workshop, was to equip the women of Lungi village with additional and advanced Business Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Savings Skills through interactive sessions and discussions.

During the discussion, six participants shared their experience of Business and Savings and how this workshop has given them new ideas to better manage their businesses.

At the close of the Workshop, the participants expressed their wish for initiatives of this kind to continue and spread to enhance the sustainability of the Catch The Dream Lungi Community Development Project.

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