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Lungi Farming Update 2019

Catch the Dream's aim has always been to help the commuity of Lungi achieve self-sufficiency in their farming and food production so that they no longer have to rely on aid from external sources, such as ourselves.

The villagers have always had an abundance of land to farm but following the Ebola crisis, lacked the resources or knowledge to make use of it effectively.

When we started Catch the Dream in 2017, we provided four cups of rice seed per family to plant and feed themselves.

We are delighted to report that this aid has decreased to just two cups of rice seed per family, reducing rice seed reliamce by 50% in two and a half years and we anticipate a further reduction in 2020.

This has been possible due to the increased yields that the villagers have been able to produce.

We have supported the villagers to make more effective use of their swamp land, which naturally produces higher yields.

There is still much more that could be done and we continue to aim to implement a programme of swamp development in the coming years.

Nevertheless, it is encouraging that the village has significantly increased the amount of food they are producing and a real credit to the team here at Catch the Dream and the farming community of Lungi!

To donate to Catch The Dream to help with the ongoing regeneration of the swamp land surrounding Lungi Village, please visit our Donate Page.

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