A world in which everyone is supporting themselves in sustainable communities.



To work in partnership with rural communities in West Africa to develop sustainable agricultural practices that will enable them to be self-sufficient. We also help people to identify and develop their own individual skills, empowering them to pursue and establish other livelihoods.

  • We are transparent.
    We are honest in everything we
    do, and realistic about what we can achieve.

  • We work collaboratively.
    We don't have all the answers, we partner compassionately with and learn from the communities we support.


  • We celebrate diversity.
    We embrace our differences, and actively seek to empower marginalised groups in the communities we serve.


  • We act sustainably.
    We consider the environmental impact of everything we do and work to ensure that developments last beyond our involvement.



Email: info@catch-the-dream.co.uk

Catch the Dream CIC is a Company Limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales - Registration Number: 10791376

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